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Class Fees

Program Fees: Price does not include $25.00 registration fee or costume fee. Payment due by first class.


*Please note when paying for both sessions, you are paying for 24 weeks. We have built in 26 weeks to be proactive against inclement weather and scheduling conflicts for the instructors. We will schedule makeup days after 2 cancellations.


*All pricing is subject to change - no refunds will be issued unless long term medical illness



Payment by ½ year (1 Session at a time)

Season Pricing *September - April* (Session 1 & 2)



*solo, duet, trio, and quad practices can be worked into the existing schedule based on classes that are running and availability. The BAND app or equivalent will be used to schedule private lessons


*additional lessons above the specials for solo/duet/trio/quad will be billed per dancer at the individual lesson charges 




Pricing follows regular session pricing for classes. Price does not include fees to be paid for the competitions. 


* At the time of commitment to any type of competition team/solo/duet/trio, etc. a non-refundable commitment fee of $75 is due. (This fee helps cover the cost of props, extra team rehearsal, costume add-ons etc.)


* Minimum class requirements - in addition to your competition selection, you will be required to take at minimum one hour of technique weekly. This can be accomplished through the scheduled technique class on Thursday, private technique classes or attending one hour of regular session night classes.

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