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Below is a guide to help you decide what styles of dance your child wants to participate in during the year!

Styles of Dance

Tap - Form of dance in which dancers wear tap shoes and strike the floor to make audible sounds.

Jazz - Jazz is a fusion of many other styles of dance. It includes sharp and soft movement that often has a higher intensity and high energy movement. 

Ballet - Is a highly technical type of dance. Ballet is the basis for all other dance styles.

Hip Hop - Dance genre has influences from the older street dance styles. This creates funk styles in hip-hop. Hip-Hop has evolved into one of the most popular forms of dance.

Funky Jazz - this style is a mix of jazz and hip-hop elements.

Pom - A style of dance in which dancers use poms. Uses pom technique that involves sharp, clean, and precise movement.

Lyrical - An expressive style of dance which includes jazz and ballet movement. This style is performed to music that inspires emotions and dancers dance to the lyrics of the song.

Contemporary - Style of interpretive dance which combines several elements of dance. 

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