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Programs We Offer

Studio L Dance is proud to offer a recreational and competition program. Below is a guide to help you place your dancer into our programs.



This program is the best fit for your child if:

- they want to learn how to dance

- they want to continue their dance training

- Are ages 3 or older

- Want to perform in our end of the year recital

- They want to have lots of fun and learn new things

Our recreational classes run September - April. You can choose to enter your dancer in as many classes as you would like offered in their age range. We do not require previous dance experience. Throughout the course of the year dancers will learn technique and dance moves in the style of dance class they signed up for. We provide classes in all styles of dance. At the end of the year we will have a recital to showcase all of our dancers hard work during the year!


Is your dancer ready to take their dance training to the next level? This program is the best fit for your child if:

- They want to become a better dancer

- They are ready to participate in higher level classes

- Want to participate in more dance routines such as: solo, duet, trio, group dance

- They are ready to be onstage in front of an audience and judges, without teacher  assistance

The competition program runs September - May. If you are a current dancer at Studio L Dance you will need to be referred to this program by one of our instructors. If you do not dance at Studio L Dance and have previous dance experience, a free skills evaluation will be needed. You can contact Ms. Jen at 920-583- 5661 or email to set up an appointment. Dancers in the competition program want to become the best dancer they can. This requires more training and time spent at the Studio. In addition we require our competition team to compete at three competitions minimum yearly. All competitions will take place on weekends in spring. The competition team will also have the opportunity to perform at the end of the year recital. If interested please reach out right away so we can relay important information to your family and schedule a free skills evaluation if you are not a current dancer.


Does your dancer want to improve a specific skill or get technique training from an instructor at our studio? Then private lessons will be perfect for them. Dancers will be able to get one on one training. You can choose what skill or thing to work on. Examples of skills could include an a la seconde turn (A-Turn), illusion, tilts, front/back walkovers. Maybe they want to work on technique such as pointing toes, turnout, etc. teachers will help your dancer to understand how to use technique and start applying it with them. No matter what your dancer desires our teachers can help them!

If your dancer is interested in this type of lesson please email


Please add:

- Your name and dancers name

- A phone number or email a teacher could contact you with

- What teacher you would prefer to work with

- What technique, skills or other dance related things you would like to work on

- How long you would like the private lesson to be? Example: 1 hour, 30 mins, etc.

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