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Studio L Dance Guidelines

The staff at Studio L Dance want our dancers to have the best and most professional experience possible at the dance studio. We ask you and dancers to help us provide a professional, safe, and creative space by following the guidelines below!



  • We encourage students to arrive 10-15 minutes early to stretch, take off jewelry, pull hair back, use the restroom, etc.


  • Please notify teachers beforehand if you will be absent from their class


  • It is highly recommended that dancers who miss class do their best to schedule a makeup class with designated instructor

Class Etiquette


  • Dancers will give their best attention to the teacher during the entire class​


  • Please accept corrections from any teacher and apply them to improve your dancing skills


  • Be kind and respectful to other dancers


  • Give your best effort in all aspects of your dance class


  • No gum, food, or drink besides water are allowed in Studio A and B


  • Please use the restroom before class begins


  • Do not leave class before the teacher ends class


  • Dancers will not correct other dancers, that is for the teacher only to give corrections



  • Students are required to wear proper attire, have correct shoes, and hair up and away from face


  • Dancers and parents are responsible for their belongings. Studio L Dance is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or misplaced property. There is a lost and found where you can check for any missing items.


  • No parents, siblings, etc. are allowed in studio A & B while class is in session


  • Dancers and parents will try their best to not be loud or noisy in the waiting area, so dancers in class can give their full attention and effort 


  • Food and drink are permitted in waiting room (Please clean up after yourself or dancer)


  • We encourage parents walk their dancer in and out of the building for their safety, and wait inside until a parent arrives to get them


  • If parents need to enter Studio A or B we ask you remove your street shoes before coming in, to preserve the floors

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